Serious Question... About Facebook

2014-05-08 22:32:29 by ET16

I've always wondered what triggers people who post "fuck this" or "fuck that" or any type of emotional statuses on Facebook (Not that I have a problem with it you can post whatever you want it's your profile) But what makes a depress or angry person grab their phone and start posting how they feel on Facebook, I wonder what they are thinking as they're typing their emotions to the internet. What are they seeking? Is it attention? Is it advice? Are they trying to express themselves towards other people without being too direct. I'm not judgmental or crazy but just curious...


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2014-05-09 02:43:18

Some people like to blurt their anger out on the web, I'm guessing it's either this or you get door-to-door people talking about their emotions.
Also you aren't gonna get punched doing it on the internet, you might in real life.


2014-05-10 21:07:37

No clue tbh. There are billions of people in the world with billions of reasons. Maybe its because they want to post it and find people who can relate to, get advice (like u said), get likes, comments...Whatever the reason, its to help them feel better I'm guessing, especially if they feel if they tell someone it wouldn't help or get worse. Venting.

At the same time, I see alot of facebook statuses and they are positive, and gives advice. I wouldn't just focus on the negative ones though.