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2017 Goals?

2017-01-01 15:48:44 by ET16

What are your goals for 2017? Mine is to get 1,000 subs on youtube :)

I want to be a supporter but...

2016-12-29 15:15:49 by ET16

I keep getting this stupid error message everytime I try to pay through paypal.

Music for people making RPG Games

2016-12-16 07:31:52 by ET16

I will be uploading RPG music for people to use in their games as long as I am credited. There will be 3 Major Battle songs, 3 Minor Battle songs, Game Over music, Town Music, and many more. Just shoot me a review and let me know how Im doing Im always open for advice.

Also if you plan on selling your game with my music in it please pm me.

P.S. Heres what I got so far.


2016-07-13 16:26:41 by ET16

Feel free to follow me on Twitch and wach me play games within the first hour of relaease!

Also no Im not dead just have a few things to take care of I will continue making music.

Willing to work for food!

2015-02-07 11:18:36 by ET16

Does anybody need help with a project? I'm willing to help if anyone needs music....

New Video Game Ochestral Song!!!

2014-07-20 22:50:20 by ET16

Hope you enjoy :) let me know if there is anything wrong with it, I'll return the favor.

New Song!!!!

2014-05-24 16:09:07 by ET16

2837636_140096232412_alien-invasion-wallpaper-george-roush-roush-dinosaurs-.jpgNot really my style but I'm just trying some new things

The Invasion

Serious Question... About Facebook

2014-05-08 22:32:29 by ET16

I've always wondered what triggers people who post "fuck this" or "fuck that" or any type of emotional statuses on Facebook (Not that I have a problem with it you can post whatever you want it's your profile) But what makes a depress or angry person grab their phone and start posting how they feel on Facebook, I wonder what they are thinking as they're typing their emotions to the internet. What are they seeking? Is it attention? Is it advice? Are they trying to express themselves towards other people without being too direct. I'm not judgmental or crazy but just curious...

Taking a break...

2014-04-22 13:33:25 by ET16

I taking a break from cinematics for awhile due to lack of new instruments but I will be more focused on the video game genre. >>Also looking for work. so Im willing to help out with any video game that anyones making at the moment.

Good News Everyone!

2014-01-18 01:20:34 by ET16

I'm going on a musical journey! What's this journey you ask? Well I'm going far away into the mountains of nowhere to learn how to write music and mix and master, also learn the piano so there won't be any new submission for while. I greatly appreciate the wonderful feedback on my songs but I feel I can do better if I learn how to write my stuff down (instead of just adding on as I go) and the quality of my music can be 10x better then what got right now. Matter of fact my stuff so simple that anyone can play them haha... So with that said Im going away for a month (or months) wont be back untill I have boosted my skills and upgrade my arsenal I will keep reviewing everyones stuff so keep that wheel going guys!!!