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ET16's Horror Pack!

2017-09-26 02:17:15 by ET16

Hello I will be releasing a horror pack next week saturday on the sixth of october! This pack will contain music and horror sound fx inspired by Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Dead Space. This pack will be free until Oct 31 2017. After that it will go on the Unity or Unreal market place. So stay tuned!



I need help deciding on a theme.... Also! you can download this song!

2017-09-14 16:59:22 by ET16

Im thinking about doing a Music Pack but I dont know what theme it should be so Im just going to leave it up to voting dont have type something long just type a number and that all I would need.                                                                    

So which music theme pack would you want to see here on newgrounds      


  1. RPG(Orchestral)
  2. Horror
  3. Cinematic
  4. Video Game(Non orchestral)
  5. ET16(You never know what you're gonna get)

Also Dr. Psychosis is avalible for download


​Shoot me a link to a song you want feedback on. Also subscribe to my youtube channel! I will post higher quality songs on there! Also also! I will promote your profile on my newgrounds page and youtube channel! That will go to the first 5 people that follow me on my newgrounds page. :)

Shoot me link to your songs and I'll reveiw :)

Its that time again! so shoot me a link to whatever song you want reviewed!


(Only for 3 days)

Going to be offline for awhile not sure how long, lets see how much damage this storm does.

Im willing to review your music.

2017-08-16 21:41:45 by ET16

Yep thats right I will reveiw your songs as detailed as I possible can just shoot a link right below and will get right on it (Limited time of course lets say for 3 days)

In case you missed it...

2017-04-02 09:46:25 by ET16

The New Rick and Morty episode aired last night  :)

2017 Goals?

2017-01-01 15:48:44 by ET16

What are your goals for 2017? Mine is to get 1,000 subs on youtube :)

I want to be a supporter but...

2016-12-29 15:15:49 by ET16

I keep getting this stupid error message everytime I try to pay through paypal.