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this reminds me of those Saturday morning cartoons! :)

Nice animation dude really! This is great!

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I smell a stickman Time Crisis game great work!

Good concept but everytime I hit the space button it sends me back to the play screen...

pro-mole responds:

Again, I'm not sure what's happening, it's fine for me. I only get sent back at the end, but that's what's supposed to happen.

Thanks for playing. :)


I managed to beat the game the only thing i had promblems with was the girl kept going invisible every time I went to sleep but you can fix that by killing yourself, but overall it was a fun kept me entertain. just fix that glitche plz
hope this helps.
5/5 10/10

oh yea not forgeting the humor in this I loved it BTW....

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I don't think this deserves one star, but anyway! The bass you have here seems very weak and basic try changing up the bass a little more just go listen to other trap beats you'll know what I mean. You have great drum patterns but the drums themselves I personally don't like.... You should practice mixing and mastering your song it really helps making it sound polished just look up YouTube videos on how to do that. Anyway, Cheers!
Never Give Up and Goodluck!


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First off What and how???
How did you make those strings sound elegant??? This is some very impressive work! I can see you took some inspiration from other classical music. like around the 01:04 mark I don't know why but it sounds very familiar. Also that piano does a very good job at complimenting the strings.
I can really see this being used in a silent film. Also I don't know if you meant to due this but there is a random note at the end lol it just seemed off to me. Anyway great work man!

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Qu4drupleForte responds:

Thanks for the thorough review! This is probably one of my less classical pieces actually, the intention was more of a celtic/English folk sound but it's easier to emulate that sound in a more joyful context than a flowing, mournful one, so I gravitated more towards classical melodies in the middle section. Also you're not hearing things, there is a note that's off towards the end; it's the correct pitch, it's just that the sample included in EWQL was from an open string, which - at the FF dynamic - can sound a bit nasty depending on your taste.

You my man need more fans!!!

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If you were going for the darkest comic on Newgrounds congrats! This is so fucking dark I cant even see!

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Wonderful I like this alot!

cecameron responds:

Thank you!!

Looks and sounds cool can wait to see the full thing!

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