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I don't think this deserves one star, but anyway! The bass you have here seems very weak and basic try changing up the bass a little more just go listen to other trap beats you'll know what I mean. You have great drum patterns but the drums themselves I personally don't like.... You should practice mixing and mastering your song it really helps making it sound polished just look up YouTube videos on how to do that. Anyway, Cheers!
Never Give Up and Goodluck!


First off What and how???
How did you make those strings sound elegant??? This is some very impressive work! I can see you took some inspiration from other classical music. like around the 01:04 mark I don't know why but it sounds very familiar. Also that piano does a very good job at complimenting the strings.
I can really see this being used in a silent film. Also I don't know if you meant to due this but there is a random note at the end lol it just seemed off to me. Anyway great work man!

Qu4drupleForte responds:

Thanks for the thorough review! This is probably one of my less classical pieces actually, the intention was more of a celtic/English folk sound but it's easier to emulate that sound in a more joyful context than a flowing, mournful one, so I gravitated more towards classical melodies in the middle section. Also you're not hearing things, there is a note that's off towards the end; it's the correct pitch, it's just that the sample included in EWQL was from an open string, which - at the FF dynamic - can sound a bit nasty depending on your taste.

This is some good hacking music!!!

Mutual responds:

Thanks a lot for your review.

This is amazing! I'm glad you never stopped making music Mattashi! :)

Mattashi responds:

Thank you ET16! I don't think I'll ever quit, just temporary music blocks xD

I really like the intro it was very relaxing lol. After listening to the original I'm still on the fence on which one I like more. This one has really cool synth effects lol and the other one has that smexy piano. :3 The mixing and mastering is wonderful nothing is overwhelming eachother. Its really nice to hear every detail in a song. I really hope you continue to do more in the future I would like to see what else you have to offer here. :)


Drewpy responds:

Thanks dude! I was extremely proud of the mixing on this track. Glad you agree it doesn't sound half bad :)

This is very well done! Your mixing is pretty good too! I really like the way you did the piano around the 02:47 and every instrument you have chosen is very spot on! I cant really see anything I would change. the strings that come in at the 2min mark are a nice touch too!

Hm maybe I should switch to Logic I really like the way the strings sound. :)

Good work!


FateModified responds:

Thanks! I was trying to get it to sound as close to the original as possible, so I didn't really "choose" the instruments so much. The same goes for the piano.

I used a lot of automation on the instruments' volume levels, particularly the strings, to make them sound more dynamic, and added reverb. Logic comes with an awesome convolution reverb plug-in called "Space Designer" which is amazing.

Thanks again for the review! :)

This is very well done I really appreciate you sharing this with me, honestly I really think this is way too good for newgrounds every instrument works very well with each other. I can tell a lot of work went into this song. Your voice alone puts me in a trance and I'm honestly jamming this out while I'm at work right now :)

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That piano is magic! I must say it did give me a bit of a sci-fi feel! but I must say (in just my opinion) I don't really agree with the sound that comes in around 1:26 (its off in in the background ) but other than that I think its its a solid track. It reminds me whenever optimus prime is giving his monologues at the end of the movies.


FateModified responds:

Thanks! I'm not sure what sound you are referring to, maybe the cymbal hits? There is also a harp that starts playing arpeggios at that point in the song. Oh well, thanks for listening and for the review! :)

Wow this sure is a journey!

This song is pretty flawless, it really did come a long way from the original version. Really tbh this song is too good for Newgrounds. I'm shocked it never got front paged. The name really fits with this piece.(First half being calm like water, while the second half was wild like fire!) I personally think this would fit well in a cinematic.

Final thoughts?

I really don't see how you could make this better the quality is really good. I can tell you put your heart and soul into this piece. Thank you for sharing! This will be going into my favs! :)


Hello! and lets get started!

Your volume levels are too high. I suggest experimenting with your sound levels. The drum patterns are nice but I agree with the first comment the song is really bland when it comes to melodic progression and that synth sound can get tiring what I would do is try adding different instruments, Like Piano or Pads etc. The Drop could use work(however I do like the sound around 01:08).

Final thoughts?

When you do work on your drop try to give it some variety. I recommend studying a couple of dubstep songs. Don't be afraid to add more instruments to your song.( as long as they compliment each other) Also when in doubt YouTube that Sh*t.


BlueAlpha14 responds:

Not trying to make excuses, but FL Studio volume levels versus rendered volume levels seem to be very different. Been trying to fix that.

I spent so much time working on the main bass and instead people like the 1:08 sound. I altered a preset and the LFO pattern lol.

Yeah, I guess you're right about the adding more instruments on the drop. I kinda suck at composition ://///////

Thanks for the detailed review.

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