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The beat is interesting might want to work on your lyric flow this could have been a really good and time your hooks better. Not really a fan on the sound fx for the vocals. And what I meant by lyric flow your words are not really staying conneted.

This is freaking hilarious. Haha I've enoyed every minute of this.

viewtifulday responds:

Thank you! I'm glad people found it funny; that was the aim

This is pretty cool its really catchy I don't the instrument kinda threw me off at around 2:13 other than that this is great I can see this being used as a menu theme toward a game.

Lol I sat here for 2mins waiting for the song to pick then I finally it was just loop this is wonderful work here I really enjoyed this

SourJovis responds:

Heheh, sorry I made it loop this well :P Thanks for the kind words!

This is amazingly good, wonderful! so far it sounds great. I can't wait to hear the full release! :)

Stadler responds:

Thank you!!!

This is awesome!

very mysterious I really enjoyed the melody but I have mixed feelings with the lead synth I like the melody it gives off but not the type of sytnh that was used IMO. matter of I really enjoy the background instruments more then the lead sytnh it gave off such a wonderful mysterious and magical sound. other then that I honestly really enjoyed the song.

SourJovis responds:

Thanks. I think I will make a new version with a different lead sound. More people didn't like this lead.

This is great I really enjoyed this one the melody is just awesome

Satyre responds:

Thanks :)

Such a cheerful sound I really enjoy that, but it could have used a few more melodies here and there

Satyre responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm thinking if i should dare to create some songs in the future instead of loops with more tune variety, but I have to study some songs to be fit for this next step :)

I don't know why I felt like I was in a dark evil factory in all three songs. It really sound your melodies were on point.
Good job!

DjGubkafish responds:

Thank you for feedback

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