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This is great I like this maybe a few syths here and there wouldn't hurt any who this is a great song I can see this in a video game for a final level

ZeroDimension13 responds:

once I get a bit more experience under my belt,i should be able to make something a little better...still kinda new to this sort of thing,but I do appreciate the feedback

I like the feel of this. this would make a great hip hop beat My only gripe would be I wish there was some type of change up in the song other then that this is great.

Hm I'm just going come right off the bat if dubstep is what you were aiming for I would suggest making a heavier bass sound I also felt the vocals were kinda unnecessary that's just me though and your levels are too high for some of the synths all in all I like the idea but I feel you can do better.

XdEsignS responds:

Thanks dude for the feedback. I put something together that sounded good but it just needs fine tuning and I put it on here for ppl to help me with that so thank you.

Ok I gonna start with its a good concept I personally dont think this belongs in the dance genre maybe in the video games? You might want to start playing with your levels everything sounds a bit to loud. this song has a happy tone to it wich I enjoyed alot but I think you can do better maybe a change up hear and there would be nice.


AyzanNightbane responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate your comment and I'm still just learning. I'll experiment with sound levels and try to learn some stuff online to better improve my music. But that may take a while so bear with me for just a little while longer.

Wow mattashi this is great! May I what did you use to make the drums? I really like the percussion

Mattashi responds:

Thanks! Everything was made with Propellerhead's Reason software. I used the Reason Factory & Orkester sound back (the drums have lots of delay on them).
I used bass drums,Impacts,non-pitched metals, DarboukaUdu, Timpanis, Cymbals with FX, Big drum and a shaker.

Wow I really enjoyed that! I like what you did at 1:11
Great Work!

Nice to see you're still doing music welcome back!

NemesisTheory responds:

Thank you!! <3

I like the song..
the choir could have been a bit better other than that good job!

TravisGladue responds:

Thanks for the review man, I will try and make the choir sound better in my future projects

You know what this is great if...It reminds me a little bit of jet set radio (which is my favorite game btw)
If they ever do a sequel they should this to the soundtrack great job!

SourJovis responds:

Thanks. I like the Jet Set Radio soundtrack. It's a lot better mixed than this though. Maybe I should make another hip hop song like this with my current knowledge of music production. I don't think it will stand up to the Jet Set Radio soundtrack but still.

Oh my god the mastering is amazing!
I love how it goes from a sad tone to hopeful and joyful...
The song and the title name together creates a great story in my head, A great king who past away (possibly due to battle) everyone in his kingdom mourned for him, when the vocals come in his body is sent off on a boat to be consumed by the mist of the lake... I would be a little more detailed but I'm out of time.

Great song Emid have a safe New Years!

Emid responds:

Beautiful depiction ET16. I can imagine the scenes and how they change on the screen one by one.

A very happy new year to you too and your loved ones. Am glad you enjoyed the piece.

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