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The melody sounds good its just kinda hard to hear it by the way this is setup everything sounds way to loud and jumbled together but other then that it has potential

This is really good I can mainly see this being in a video game my only gripe would be the notes around 2:10 and 1:10 seem alittle loud too men other than that it's a great song.

ReWired responds:

I went back and reduced the volume of those notes by a little bit so it shouldn't be as overpowering. Thanks for the review!

Very peaceful I like it. I really enjoyed the drums and the melody was catchy.

VideoGameManiac responds:

Thanks alot :D

That was a wonderful start... Matter of fact the whole song was wonderful!!! I didn't really have any trouble with the drums, I think they sound great! at 1:37 that part gave me chills...
All in all it's a well made song.
Good Job!

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Emid responds:

Thanks a lot ET16 :)

Lol the chocobo theme haha It sounds like Banjo n Kazooie to me the mastering is great on here
Good Job!!

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SourJovis responds:

Thanks. Banjo and Kazooie has very hyper music. That was what I was going for as well, though I'm not sure if I went far enough.

Wonderful sounds here! No complaints great job and keep up the good work! :3

DjGubkafish responds:

Thank you

That intro was amazing nice work
I enjoyed this song from beginning to end
Great Work
P.S. great guitar work! :3

Mattashi responds:

Thanks ET16 :D

Has a really dark tone to it I really love the drum work at the end that was marvelous the song didn't sound too quiet at all. but some parts I felt were a bit too loud other than that the song was great...

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DoctorAppetitus responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate it. For some reason, some of my songs come out a bit quieter than others due to me having my PC volume up, but the program volume lower. it's really a guess and check.

Great work with the song I loved it my only gripe would be that the begining part sounds a bit loud starting off other than that this was good.

Svenzo responds:

Hmmm maybe i should make a softer intro then,anyways thanks for the review

Ahhh! robots!! In all seriousness though this would be great for an apocalyptic scene, (Robots taking over, Aliens, etc,) it has an 80's movies type feel especially at 00:25... (which I adore btw! ) matter of fact I've replayed that part over 5x times now as Im typing this. It brought in a feel of urgency and desperation. The way you had transition in this is pretty beast I must say and the guitar was a nice touch too.

Great Work!


Emid responds:

Thanks man. Great you enjoyed it :)

I hope composing this type of songs in future.

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