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Has a really dark tone to it I really love the drum work at the end that was marvelous the song didn't sound too quiet at all. but some parts I felt were a bit too loud other than that the song was great...

DoctorAppetitus responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate it. For some reason, some of my songs come out a bit quieter than others due to me having my PC volume up, but the program volume lower. it's really a guess and check.

Ahhh! robots!! In all seriousness though this would be great for an apocalyptic scene, (Robots taking over, Aliens, etc,) it has an 80's movies type feel especially at 00:25... (which I adore btw! ) matter of fact I've replayed that part over 5x times now as Im typing this. It brought in a feel of urgency and desperation. The way you had transition in this is pretty beast I must say and the guitar was a nice touch too.

Great Work!


Emid responds:

Thanks man. Great you enjoyed it :)

I hope composing this type of songs in future.

Nice! I've always enjoyed this theme. No complaints here.

Great work I like the dark sci-fi feel of this song, you have a lot of potential going so I hope to hear more from you.

I think this would be great in the industrial genre maybe... Im not really sensing any dubstep elements in this song. But I do enjoy the glitch industrial feel of it a lot other then that man its a great song.
Good Job!


Kinda oldskool.. so I like it. but that sound that just plays through the entire song gets annoying after awhile would suggest sticking it in the background, I felt like you could have adding more to the song.


ZeroMasaru responds:

Thanks for the comment. As I made this song I felt that it kinda got tedious, but I tried to add some variation with the sounds I had. Usually when I add more to my songs things just go completely wrong (freezing or instruments sounding off key) and these songs that I am releasing as of 2014 are songs of improvement. My older songs weren't really as in depth with its mastering and effects. But I can understand why you feel this way about the song.

Thanks again,

Well... its kinda hard to give a review when its not your original work, if this is meant to be a mix of the dubstep songs you like then I suggest credited those artists who made the song. Plus the song cuts out at the 1 min mark. But all in all as said before I would recommend that you post up you original work.

I hope to see what hidden talents you may have.


Psycism responds:

thank you for the criticism i will continue to work on my music and i will credit the original artist

Get 5'd! this is wonderful I've enjoy every bit of this song T really like percussion work too!
Good job hope to here more from you.

nmarnson responds:

thanks alot. Yes definitely, I'm always working on more. About to publish a new one, A Hero Will Rise.

What a nice beat I love it no complaints here man
Keep it up!

KingSandy responds:

thank you man..there are more coming your way

This is great but I freaking love the piano at the end its magical my only gripe is that the volume is too low, The little bit at 01:57 could've transitioned a bit better, other than that its a good song.

Alexwilsoncomposer responds:

Thank you very much!! I will begin working on a re-mastered version very soon, so stay tuned!

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