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First off What and how???
How did you make those strings sound elegant??? This is some very impressive work! I can see you took some inspiration from other classical music. like around the 01:04 mark I don't know why but it sounds very familiar. Also that piano does a very good job at complimenting the strings.
I can really see this being used in a silent film. Also I don't know if you meant to due this but there is a random note at the end lol it just seemed off to me. Anyway great work man!

Qu4drupleForte responds:

Thanks for the thorough review! This is probably one of my less classical pieces actually, the intention was more of a celtic/English folk sound but it's easier to emulate that sound in a more joyful context than a flowing, mournful one, so I gravitated more towards classical melodies in the middle section. Also you're not hearing things, there is a note that's off towards the end; it's the correct pitch, it's just that the sample included in EWQL was from an open string, which - at the FF dynamic - can sound a bit nasty depending on your taste.

This is some good hacking music!!!

Mutual responds:

Thanks a lot for your review.

This is amazing! I'm glad you never stopped making music Mattashi! :)

Mattashi responds:

Thank you ET16! I don't think I'll ever quit, just temporary music blocks xD

I really like the intro it was very relaxing lol. After listening to the original I'm still on the fence on which one I like more. This one has really cool synth effects lol and the other one has that smexy piano. :3 The mixing and mastering is wonderful nothing is overwhelming eachother. Its really nice to hear every detail in a song. I really hope you continue to do more in the future I would like to see what else you have to offer here. :)


Drewpy responds:

Thanks dude! I was extremely proud of the mixing on this track. Glad you agree it doesn't sound half bad :)

This is very well done! Your mixing is pretty good too! I really like the way you did the piano around the 02:47 and every instrument you have chosen is very spot on! I cant really see anything I would change. the strings that come in at the 2min mark are a nice touch too!

Hm maybe I should switch to Logic I really like the way the strings sound. :)

Good work!


FateModified responds:

Thanks! I was trying to get it to sound as close to the original as possible, so I didn't really "choose" the instruments so much. The same goes for the piano.

I used a lot of automation on the instruments' volume levels, particularly the strings, to make them sound more dynamic, and added reverb. Logic comes with an awesome convolution reverb plug-in called "Space Designer" which is amazing.

Thanks again for the review! :)

That piano is magic! I must say it did give me a bit of a sci-fi feel! but I must say (in just my opinion) I don't really agree with the sound that comes in around 1:26 (its off in in the background ) but other than that I think its its a solid track. It reminds me whenever optimus prime is giving his monologues at the end of the movies.


FateModified responds:

Thanks! I'm not sure what sound you are referring to, maybe the cymbal hits? There is also a harp that starts playing arpeggios at that point in the song. Oh well, thanks for listening and for the review! :)

Hello! and lets get started!

Your volume levels are too high. I suggest experimenting with your sound levels. The drum patterns are nice but I agree with the first comment the song is really bland when it comes to melodic progression and that synth sound can get tiring what I would do is try adding different instruments, Like Piano or Pads etc. The Drop could use work(however I do like the sound around 01:08).

Final thoughts?

When you do work on your drop try to give it some variety. I recommend studying a couple of dubstep songs. Don't be afraid to add more instruments to your song.( as long as they compliment each other) Also when in doubt YouTube that Sh*t.


BlueAlpha14 responds:

Not trying to make excuses, but FL Studio volume levels versus rendered volume levels seem to be very different. Been trying to fix that.

I spent so much time working on the main bass and instead people like the 1:08 sound. I altered a preset and the LFO pattern lol.

Yeah, I guess you're right about the adding more instruments on the drop. I kinda suck at composition ://///////

Thanks for the detailed review.

Your mixing and mastering sounds great! the melody is so on point that I found myself humming to it! :) great work this is a solid beat.

MithyxSounds responds:

Thanks my dude! :D

this is really cool!!!!! I'm shocked nobody has reviewed this you mixing sounds good to me :)

Engirion27 responds:

Thank you!

your hi-hat is a little loud, once again I suggest adding a changeup, and honestly it doesn't really sound like a boss fight (but then again what is a boss fight music supposed to sound like)
try experimenting with different melodies.

RonRandom responds:

Thanks! I'll try to improve in the future.

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