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I like the song..
the choir could have been a bit better other than that good job!

TravisGladue responds:

Thanks for the review man, I will try and make the choir sound better in my future projects

You know what this is great if...It reminds me a little bit of jet set radio (which is my favorite game btw)
If they ever do a sequel they should this to the soundtrack great job!

SourJovis responds:

Thanks. I like the Jet Set Radio soundtrack. It's a lot better mixed than this though. Maybe I should make another hip hop song like this with my current knowledge of music production. I don't think it will stand up to the Jet Set Radio soundtrack but still.

Oh my god the mastering is amazing!
I love how it goes from a sad tone to hopeful and joyful...
The song and the title name together creates a great story in my head, A great king who past away (possibly due to battle) everyone in his kingdom mourned for him, when the vocals come in his body is sent off on a boat to be consumed by the mist of the lake... I would be a little more detailed but I'm out of time.

Great song Emid have a safe New Years!

Emid responds:

Beautiful depiction ET16. I can imagine the scenes and how they change on the screen one by one.

A very happy new year to you too and your loved ones. Am glad you enjoyed the piece.

Wow this is great Im in love with this :D

Stadler responds:

Thank you !!!

Im going with buyj3llo on its great theres no bass and it seems more on the video game side otherwise great work!

VideoGameManiac responds:

Thanks :D

Sounds like you improvised this anyway this is great that little bit towards the end could have been a little better "imo" but otherwise good job!

Irtorius responds:

Improvisation is the only way for me not to put constant negative critique on myself.
Thanks for the review :)

LOl this totally fits a scene with a teacher and his/her students. I can actually see the students and the teacher!

Any who great work on this the mastering sounds awesome!!

Bosa responds:

Thanks! Teachers are good creatures. Well, some of them anyways.

Sounds great for your first attempt bosa :D

Bosa responds:

Thank you, sir.

alright here we go it sounds great but I would toned it down a bit on the note at 00:18 and 01:43... theres a weird skip in the song it sounds like could be just me but its around 00:11

Good arrangement but that note at 00:18 is kind of an ear killer lol

SourJovis responds:

Thanks for the review. The notes at 0:18 and 1:43 don't sound particularly loud to me and the spectograms don't show anything strange. They do sound quite high though. It probably depends on your speakers and ears whether these notes are perceived as loud or not. On my earphones it sounds okay, The song is quite loudly mixed so you may want to turn down the overall volume. The rhythm at 0:11 is quite unusual. It's also in the Original song so I kept it in, but it's not a skip. Prhaps I could'v made it sound more natural.

Sounds really great, Imo the mastering could be better but so far sogood
Keep it up!!!

HellSpawnIV responds:

I agree. I think i'm pretty weak when it comes to Mixing and Mastering. Though I think i'm getting better in retrospect. thanks for the review :).

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