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Well... its kinda hard to give a review when its not your original work, if this is meant to be a mix of the dubstep songs you like then I suggest credited those artists who made the song. Plus the song cuts out at the 1 min mark. But all in all as said before I would recommend that you post up you original work.

I hope to see what hidden talents you may have.


Psycism responds:

thank you for the criticism i will continue to work on my music and i will credit the original artist

Get 5'd! this is wonderful I've enjoy every bit of this song T really like percussion work too!
Good job hope to here more from you.

nmarnson responds:

thanks alot. Yes definitely, I'm always working on more. About to publish a new one, A Hero Will Rise.

What a nice beat I love it no complaints here man
Keep it up!

KingSandy responds:

thank you man..there are more coming your way

This is great but I freaking love the piano at the end its magical my only gripe is that the volume is too low, The little bit at 01:57 could've transitioned a bit better, other than that its a good song.

Alexwilsoncomposer responds:

Thank you very much!! I will begin working on a re-mastered version very soon, so stay tuned!

This is great I like this. the reason I've gave 4 1/2 stars is because I feel like you can add more to this the whole 18 secs sounds like an intro to a bigger song. other than that great song.
Keep it Up!

Dm7889 responds:

thanks man ;)

This is great I like this maybe a few syths here and there wouldn't hurt any who this is a great song I can see this in a video game for a final level

ZeroDimension13 responds:

once I get a bit more experience under my belt,i should be able to make something a little better...still kinda new to this sort of thing,but I do appreciate the feedback

Hm I'm just going come right off the bat if dubstep is what you were aiming for I would suggest making a heavier bass sound I also felt the vocals were kinda unnecessary that's just me though and your levels are too high for some of the synths all in all I like the idea but I feel you can do better.

XdEsignS responds:

Thanks dude for the feedback. I put something together that sounded good but it just needs fine tuning and I put it on here for ppl to help me with that so thank you.

Ok I gonna start with its a good concept I personally dont think this belongs in the dance genre maybe in the video games? You might want to start playing with your levels everything sounds a bit to loud. this song has a happy tone to it wich I enjoyed alot but I think you can do better maybe a change up hear and there would be nice.


AyzanNightbane responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate your comment and I'm still just learning. I'll experiment with sound levels and try to learn some stuff online to better improve my music. But that may take a while so bear with me for just a little while longer.

Wow mattashi this is great! May I what did you use to make the drums? I really like the percussion

Mattashi responds:

Thanks! Everything was made with Propellerhead's Reason software. I used the Reason Factory & Orkester sound back (the drums have lots of delay on them).
I used bass drums,Impacts,non-pitched metals, DarboukaUdu, Timpanis, Cymbals with FX, Big drum and a shaker.

Nice to see you're still doing music welcome back!

NemesisTheory responds:

Thank you!! <3

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