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This song is really freaking cool!
good job!

Kinda reminds a bit of mine craft and it also makes me feel like Im on acid in a jungle.

The song sounds really good but having that skipping effect on through out the whole song kinda gets a bit tedious after a while.

TrojanMan87 responds:

I agree the skipping sucks and this for the most part will just be a bridge to far better tracks in the game.

This is really good I can mainly see this being in a video game my only gripe would be the notes around 2:10 and 1:10 seem alittle loud too men other than that it's a great song.

ReWired responds:

I went back and reduced the volume of those notes by a little bit so it shouldn't be as overpowering. Thanks for the review!

Very peaceful I like it. I really enjoyed the drums and the melody was catchy.

VideoGameManiac responds:

Thanks alot :D

That was a wonderful start... Matter of fact the whole song was wonderful!!! I didn't really have any trouble with the drums, I think they sound great! at 1:37 that part gave me chills...
All in all it's a well made song.
Good Job!

Emid responds:

Thanks a lot ET16 :)

Lol the chocobo theme haha It sounds like Banjo n Kazooie to me the mastering is great on here
Good Job!!

SourJovis responds:

Thanks. Banjo and Kazooie has very hyper music. That was what I was going for as well, though I'm not sure if I went far enough.

Wonderful sounds here! No complaints great job and keep up the good work! :3

DjGubkafish responds:

Thank you

That intro was amazing nice work
I enjoyed this song from beginning to end
Great Work
P.S. great guitar work! :3

Mattashi responds:

Thanks ET16 :D

Has a really dark tone to it I really love the drum work at the end that was marvelous the song didn't sound too quiet at all. but some parts I felt were a bit too loud other than that the song was great...

DoctorAppetitus responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate it. For some reason, some of my songs come out a bit quieter than others due to me having my PC volume up, but the program volume lower. it's really a guess and check.

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